The original stage inside it purposive selection of three (3) traits throughout the 13 traits on School

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The original stage inside it purposive selection of three (3) traits throughout the 13 traits on School

All the respondents (211 or 90

Multi-phase sampling technique is actually used. Hence, there had been 500 and you will seventy five (475) 3 hundred top college students in the three (3) picked faculties since during this study. Another stage is equivalent allowance of step 3 Divisions every single of three Attributes chose having analysis in the College. The new Divisions is: Economics, Governmental Research and you may Sociology (on the Faculty off Social Sciences); English, Background and you may In the world Family and you may Theater Arts (about Professors out of Arts); and you will, Computers Science, Microbiology and Physics (out of Professors of Sciences). Eventually the last stage is actually the selection of the latest take to proportions about Divisions. Chances proportionate to help you proportions (PPS) of 50.0% was utilized to draw brand new shot for it research giving a beneficial complete selection of 238 participants. But not, only 300 and you may thirty-two (232) answers was indeed made giving an increase of 97.5%.

The newest device included in creating this research are prepared survey. , Area B includes issues on socio-financial position having precision coefficient regarding r = 0.72; Section C is actually serious about fellow pressure which have accuracy coefficient of r = 0.82; Section D includes issues with the use of social media of the undergraduate people (reliability coefficient of r = 0.86) when you find yourself, Area Age try with the reasons for having accessibility social networking which have reliability coefficient off r = 0.96.

Detailed and inferential gadgets have been employed to evaluate the fresh obtained go out. Descriptive statistics units such as for instance regularity count, suggest and you can standard departure demonstrated inside tables was utilized to spell it out the new demographic services and the reacting the research questions. Chi-Rectangular study was utilized to evaluate he null theory step one, the Pearson’s Relationship was utilized to check new null hypotheses dos if you find yourself, Multiple Regression Studies was used to check on the latest hypotheses 3 and you may 4.

Contour 1 shows the fresh new shipment away from participants according to decades, 187(80.6%) respondents had been anywhere between many years 20-24 years. Simply 4(step one.7%) was basically 31-34 many years. Thus the fresh participants were still inside their youthful and you will active many years of university knowledge.

The fresh new surveys have been divided in to five parts, viz: Section A great: is actually toward information that is personal of participants (demographic suggestions) such as for instance ages, gender, marital status, educational certificates, occupation, an such like

Into the intercourse, 152(65.5%) of one’s respondents was males (fig. 2). This might mean that there have been way more men children as compared to ladies in the departments selected for this analysis both in universities.

Profile 3 reveals brand new shipping regarding participants by the relationship position and you may 189(81.5%) respondents. Most of the respondent regarding one another colleges was basically american singles, this might be sufficient since they are nonetheless in their college days.

Desk 1 shows that inside the 139(59.9%) respondents have used social network system for more than 3years while you are, 11(4.7%) have used social media to own a time between dos- three years. Because of this the fresh participants have been knowledgeable social network users. Similarly, 116(50.0%) participants got more one thousand pal gaydar nedir on social networking.

9%) utilized Myspace, 200(86.2%) Flickr, and you will 193(83.2%) utilized My personal Opera. Not one of the respondents indicated that it made use of Blogstar, LibraryThing and Xanga; maybe respondents because of it study were not familiar with brand new lifestyle of your own social network. Ergo, this new social network used by the newest student children Flickr, Twitter, WhatsApp, Ebuddy, Twitter, , Netlog and Wiki.

Dining table 2a implies that the father regarding 118(fifty.9%) participants had NCE/OND. This new Dining table shows next one to mom regarding 116(fifty.0%) respondents got Degrees II Certificate. This is certainly sufficient while the students’ moms and dads have been literate people with the very least SSCE academic official certification necessity having training and you may ability as a copywriter.

Whenever you are 126(54.3%) respondents had household income 100,000-159,999, 157(67.7%) respondents had private monthly money set of 10,000-59,999. This is a bit from inside the an excellent ratio into the students’ family money (Dining table 2a).

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